Lara World Hotel

Antalya, Three Star

Hotel Lara World offers you a sincere kind of hospitality and keeps being budget-friendly as well. We guarantee to make all our guests enjoy the privileged sense of being worthy in terms of the service quality provided at all corners of the territory and a family like environment created. You can feel the comfort of a resort which offers beach, sun and relaxation while you will not have to remain devoid of the vivacious city life found in downtown. The hotel building is only 200 meters away from its private sandy beach whereas the approximate distance to the historical “Old Town” is 12 km. Antalya has been playing host to attractive events during summers for years and offering an attractive night life. The city is surrounded by well-known antique cities and ruins; additionally, has been cited as a true natural beauty since its establishment. Huge shopping malls and traditional bazaars appeal to luxury-lovers as well as authenticity seekers. Everything will be on your hand at all times, so you do not need to worry about traveling far either for fun or for a perfect beach holiday.